There is no need to splash out on an expensive usb dongle to connect your bluetooth speaker most of the time a Cheap USB Bluetooth DongleSome will have the connectivity you need for   older computers that have not got bluetooth compatibility. Many like my own Acer5310 is bluetooth enabled but that is another thing.

So many of us try to buy dongles to make out computer Bluetooth compatible while searching for such a dongle to connect my Wii remote to my computer wich works on Bluetooth Technolgy .In my searches for a cheap USB Bluetooth dongle I have seen very expensive USB dongles that were way overpriced.A Bluetooth connector is on the other hand only US$12.99 even less so affordable is something you need.

Good for those of us that just need to connect our mobile phones to our computers click on the Image for more or to buy the Iogear Gbu421 Bluetooth 2.0 Usb Micro Adapter