• Song Sales using Amazing Radio Playlists

    Why Amazing Radio Is Amazing For Devlopers Artists and Listeners What amazing radio says about the audio streaming service How I find Amazing Radio Playlists As A Developer When I started developing a website community for guitarists for co-author Jimmy Fleming and myself. Jimmy had been looking for a way to sell his own music […]

  • Using Music Theory VS Instinctively Playing

    Music Theory I cannot proclaim to be good or bad. I personally am self-taught even out of the range of normal tuning. However, I have been asked my take on Theory and instruction by lessons VS. Going a road less traveled.  I do remember an interview with Larry  Coryell where he had stated he kept in his guitar case […]

  • Catches in the contract when signing with labels

    Before You Consider Signing With Record Labels. There are some things that you need to consider before you get ripped off. These are some common record label signing catches. Avoiding Record Label Signing Catches I came into the industry on its last decade-long gasp for life. Things had already been established from the late 1960s […]

  • Geting More Views And Listens On Your Music

    Getting Increased listening and views with blog posts for musicians. While it would be nice to be the most listened to artist on spotify or other audio platforms. We can’t promise you that but artists who used guitardoor have seen a rise in subscriptions and listeners. Blogging can be more productive for increasing your video […]

  • 1930s Cartoon Style and The Music of the Decade

    When we think of music historically it’s normally classical and the rest of the music Music is often defined in the “now”. What’s new in the top 40 and the top 10? What does Billboard or Rolling Stone Say? 1930s music is often overlooked, at least by the younger Generations? Music is Historical and culturally […]

  • Empowered Music Industry Drifter Tells The Story of His Song

    Long term musician tells the story behind his song “drifter” and why he became a music industry drifter after one too many music industry ripoffs. Drifting from streaming services and bad music labels Drifting Away From the Music Industry Monster The Demise of the DIY artist has come slowly inch by inch since I initially […]

  • The feeling of playing a music festival gig

    Jimmy Fleming writing about his experiences of playing a musical festival gig. Jimmy has played many festivals over the years and would like to share his experience of playing a music festival or live event. What is it like to be on stage at a music festival? Well after my first 15 years doing 4 […]

  • What do you write about music?

    Write about the band or how to play their music? Writing about music example. I like this track from a band called Sasquatch the bassist Krist Novoselic was a bassist in a long-loved iconic Seattle grunge rock band Nirvana. But why do I like this song so much is it the variations in instrument solos […]