• Best App For Backing Tracks Backtrackit

    While others may claim to be the best backing track app this is my favorite backing track app I have used to play along with my guitar along with an ad-free circle of 5ths app that I wrote about earlier. Backtrack features many genres of music and is not just for guitarists but also singers, […]

  • Strike when the iron’s hot catching first-time visitors with live chat apps.

    Should you use live chat apps on your site to obtain new customers. Are you looking for the best live chat solution. I asked a owner about his live chat system have a look what they said about his product. Unintrusive live chat apps yes but how to know the best ones to use and […]

  • Sumifs function to Replace Filtering In Excel sheets

    What is the Sumifs function in excel and who uses it? SUMIFS function is a versatile Excel function that, with a little creativity, can increase your workflow and performance with minimal effort. You do not need to be an expert to make effective use of Excel. Chances are, if you are not already an expert […]

  • Do article spinners work for SEO

    Buy a load of ready-made blog posts and use article spinners to make new posts then make money. You can use article spinners for free but are free article spinners any use?. What are the best article spinners? are they paid or what are the best free article spinners?. What are article spinners? Article spinners […]

  • Why I decided to stop using tags on my blog

    Stop using tags to avoid duplicate content. Why stop using tags especially if you are not going to use them often. If you tag your blog posts with tags that you do not use often then they could be hurting your blogs rankings. A simple reason why is because each tag you create needs a […]

  • How Much Time spent Watching TV

    Ever think about the time spent watching Tv and just how long to watch a TV show in full is?. With this website, you can easily calculate just how long to watch a full tv show exactly in minutes hours even days, and weeks. Using this online tool to calculate time spent watching can help […]

  • Positive attitude teaching an additional language

    Additional language skills are sometimes hard and it is important to maintain a positive attitude teaching them. Being a teacher of a new language can be exhausting, and it’s not always easy to remain enthusiastic and friendly, especially when it’s the fifth time you are giving the same lesson. When you are teaching the leaders […]

  • 3 Essential Requirements for a Password Manager

    What is a password manager Instead of storing locally a password manager stores passwords remotely on an encrypted database or behind a master password. Sometimes password managers are mobile apps or browser extensions like LastPass and autofill and generate secure passwords for Facebook, email and other online accounts Do you need a password manager? In […]

  • Questions to ask before buying blog content

    For many reasons, you may start thinking about buying blog content. But before you hand over any money for blog posts these are some questions to ask yourself. Can you write the blog content yourself and save money? We all go through stages of writer’s block but sometimes we need to get something published. So […]

  • An App to help you become happier?

    A few weeks ago I was on Reddit looking for some blog post inspiration. When I saw a thread about an app that can help improve happiness I looked into it and was inspired. So after trying the app I have my monthly stats and my reflection on what the numbers mean to myself and […]