• Photos in your Articles are they Important

    Placing photos in your articles has long been a trick to ensure extra visitors and more engagement but are they important?. There are many Bloggers that spend hours working and searching for photos for blog posts. But are photos in blog posts that important and do you even need a photo in your articles.I admit […]

  • How To Learn Programming by SJay

    Learn to learn computer programming. Many people claim that learning a programming language is hard and complicated. However, I find it easy, fun and challenging. Computer programming is nothing but converting the logic we use to solve the problems in to computer understandable language. Positive and logical mindset is the key to make it easy […]

  • How to Break iFrames

    You could be losing out on many potential visitors. If you don’t implement a way to break iframes doing this is a must for your blog. The Problem with Sites Like Digg and Google Images and bloglovin is that they Host your Content in iFrames they show ads around them and possibly from your competitors. […]

  • Things to do when waiting

    What to do when you are waiting ?. Ever wake up too early have to sit around waiting sometimes? Looking for Things to do when waiting?. You can start just completing things you can just get done there and then here are a few to guide you through the waiting period. Completing things when you […]

  • Spending too much time with online tools

    When I went back to blogging again there was something I knew was going to take a lot of time doing, and that was spending too much time in the search console or are you not spending enough time in the search console?. Looking at data in excess is a habit of course but I […]

  • Keeping Distance From Family Mental Health Benefits

    Keeping distance from family but Family support is crucial to mental recovery. Per recent studies, family involvement enhances treatment and the patient’s life quality. What’s more, relatives offer supervision during co-occurring disorder recovery. You’re less likely to relapse when your loved ones check on you. Relatives also offer encouragement when you feel vulnerable. But not […]

  • What to do when a blog post goes viral

    I often hear of methods of creating a blog post that goes viral but how do you do that frequently, and how do you make this day happen when your post has been shared and visited by many new visitors ?. This is not a proven method it’s just my opinion on nearly every blog […]

  • Why I hate Dusk

    Dusk I hate dusk while many like sitting looking at the sunset I am one of those that hate dusktime are here are some of the reasons I can’t stand it when it’s getting dark. Maybe it’s because sunset means the end of day nighttime is around and everything is closing. Now during lockdown it’s […]

  • Fundraising for nonprofits in lockdown

    How do nonprofits raise funds in lockdown? I am looking into ways to raise funds for a charity that is productive in lockdowns and now that more people are going cashless. So I am going to be sharing some of the ways to raise nonprofit donations over the next few weeks. I have to build […]

  • 3 Amazing Tips to Get Referrals

    How to get referrals tips for increasing your referrals Getting referrals is not easy here are the top tips to get referrals According to Forbes, referrals is one of the most effective marketing strategies with a 60% acceptance rate. People do business with people they trust; and referrals is a great way to built relationships […]