• Defining what you want to say in a blog post before you start

    Writing out what you want to say in a blog post before you start So you are stuck? just wrote a great blog post and now don’t know how to describe it. If you change the title the you could end up destroying any changes of the post ever been read. So what do you […]

  • Off Licences closing down in lockdown and other boring stuff

    If you are looking for the times your local off licence closes at. Just do a google search and it will automatically give you the time they close. I can’t believe chain off licence closing locally. Why someone decide they would close an off licence in the middle of lockdown. But they closed one down […]

  • Why Navigating Your site Frequently Is Important.

    Site navigation and good user experience are becoming some of the main Google ranking factors. Many site owners will not look at older content after it is published. One of the reasons is they are too busy creating new content for the website or doing social media promotion and other things. But sometimes it’s good […]

  • Another day in lockdown teror at 2ft

    Just passing another day in lockdown is mental terror Two feet or twenty four inches is the height of an average bed. And each morning waking up has become a terror with the thoughts of spending another day in lockdown. This morning I awoke to the sound of a wood pigeon humming or whatever they […]

  • Do we really need tech products like these? buying useless products

    In an earlier post I wrote about spending and saving in lockdown. In one part of the post I talked about spending on electronics and tech in lockdown. These products seem to fit in to the category of useless products that made millions. But how many of these kinds of products do we really need […]

  • Using search console data to build internal links

    Picking your top posts and pages and optimizing them as much as possible from search console data. This search console data is faked data in the image if you can get a 70% CTR in search you are one hell of an SEO o an SEO Expert In Search Console. Does Google Search Console help […]

  • Bully bots and your taste in music

    Many will complain like this spotify bully bot about your tastes and for little reason other than over judgement. If you don’t fit in to their idea way to do things. Here you can meet the bully bot who will bash your music taste. Things like complaints about your Work/Clothes and more reasons people complain […]

  • Time and Content Having a blog post for every hour of the day

    When creating content do you have a targeted time for people to read it?. How awake/tired is the reader? some solutions on creating content for a time-targeted blog post. What time of day do people normally visit your blog? . Traffic peaks apply differently according to content types. Do not expect too much traffic to […]

  • Being slim and sober is boring

    God I hate being just plain slim and sober. This can be the dream of many and also as it is a problem for many it has become an opportunity for some.  Well guess what being slim and sober is not all it’s cracked up to be and sometimes so stop thinking its a be all end […]

  • Do you need to be another fanatic for a success story?

    People who are enthusiastic succeed but when does achieving your dreams become fanaticism. Achieve your dreams yes but when does an actionable person become a fanatic for success?. You want to be successful. People who are successful seem to drive by a constant beginner’s hunger that is never fulfilled. But is that you?, Can you […]