• A7S III Camera Rig and Stabilizer Diy Project

    The A7S III can help stabilize your videos and photographs. If you ever seen any of my youtube videos if there is anything I need it is a stabilizer for my camera. Why you may need a camera stabilizer such as the A7S III While many newer cameras are lightweight and easy to carry. There […]

  • Simple Reason You May Have No Display or Keyboard Power

    Fixed the following problem of computer turns on but no display on monitor or keyboard. Two methods to fix No display or keyboard power. How it happened that I had No Display or Keyboard Power Had a long day the power tripped out and it caused some damage to my computer no display no keyboard […]

  • How to View android app permissions Its A Free App No Ads

    Want to see all app permissions on your device. View all app permissions using paranoid app for android a fast and lightweight app for android. Using the tool you can see which apps detected are using app permissions in the background. With paranoid for android you can view android app permissions See the apps that […]

  • Writing about civilization and culture in lockdown

    While we hear do not hear many reports of civilization and culture in lockdown. Writing history now is what the author and photographer Andrew Laurence is doing. In his book, he describes and displays life in lockdown. This is one thing you can do when you just keep distance . Andrew writes about art and […]

  • Happy Mentally App An App To Make You Happy

    A review of the Happyer app for android is available from the google play store. Happyer is a Happy Mentally App that uses a journal-based way of tracking your happiness. The app uses journaling to teach you how to be mentally healthy and happy and is a good tool for those who are recovering from […]

  • Keep Your Sitemap Bookmarked For Site Structuring

    Having your post sitemap bookmarked is always a useful productivity tip. The structure of a website is a very important SEO factor that can help you increase website traffic. With your sitemap bookmarked you can easily create good internal and external structuring of your blog. It is a part of your SEO site structure plan. […]

  • Avoiding Google Ads Overspend By using click bot software

    Advertisers are constantly on the lookout for google ads overspend they will look in the best places to advertise and try to get the lowest cost per click. But sometimes you can be hit by pay per click fraud not just by publishers. But also bot’s which can destroy your PPC budget and run you […]

  • Most Boring Video on YouTube

    There is plenty of boring videos but this one of Micheal from Vsauce saying prime numbers for 3 hours. Certainly has to be nearly the most boring video on youtube. I don’t think I am the only one but I find if you discover the most boring video it can help you sleep. I did […]

  • Otto chrome extension timer for websites block sites easily

    A timer for websites Otto for chrome. Need less time on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram even less time watching youtube?. Get notified when you spend too long on a website with the otto chrome extension. This handy chrome website blocking extension. This time limit chrome extension on sites can help increase productivity by limiting the […]

  • Spend the night doing dumb stuff online.

    If you are going to do dumb stuff online do these things you wont regret. Ever spent a night doing dumb stuff online by that I don’t mean making a video of a glowstick in a microwave or getting drunk and going live on Facebook. No, I mean just plain dumb things online. The type […]